In 2017 the Products and Development team at ServiceIQ decided that it was about time we surveyed our users and redesigned our learning material covers.
The main issue users had with the existing design was the difficulty in telling them apart from each other; the unit standard number and name weren't clear enough for students and teachers, and most users would have two or three different books to work from.
The suggestion that we put a different photo on the cover of each learning material was very common, but because of the sheer number of products that ServiceIQ provides it simply wasn't practical.
The solution was to create a series of six geometric designs that could be applied regardless of subject matter. Each cover would be coloured according to the level of the content, and the design would be chosen at the designers discretion with the knowledge of which learning materials would go together. This meant we could easily minimise the number of matching learning material designs that each student would receive.
Please note that the information on the images below is for display purposes only and is not accurate.
The project was a huge success, and saw a tonne of great feedback from users.
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