I'm a graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand, currently working in the local government sector. With a background in education based design, a stack of experience working with a variety of different clients (including Greater Wellington Regional Council, InsideOUT and Tuatara Beer) and a keen interest in keeping up with the design world, I'm pretty comfortable with any project thrown my way.
I spent three years at Yoobee in New Zealand where I gained diplomas in graphic design, advanced digital media, and interactive design. I finished off with my Bachelor’s degree in applied sciences in design to add to my project management and research skills. I've been working in the design industry for about 9 years, and freelancing on the side to keep my creative muscles flexing.
I try to keep my portfolio up to date, but if there is something missing that you would like to see, let me know! I’d be happy to dig through my archives and see what I have to show you. If you want to see what kind of side projects I do, you can check me out on Instagram.
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