In 2021, Greater Wellington decided to push the boundaries on what format the summary of the annual report could take. After much discussion about how we wanted people to engage with the report, we decided that a broad sheet newspaper style printed document that told the good news stories about the environment would be a much more interesting way to communicate with the public than a standard book style.
But we didn't want it to look like a normal newspaper. In order to create some contrast between the traditional medium and the modern style, we stripped back all the colour except for bright blue, which was then overprinted on the edges of the page. The only other times colour was used was where it was necessary to communicate data.
The report was a success, but unfortunately COVID meant that this didn't get as much "casual pick up" readership as we had hoped. However anecdotal feedback from the public has been overall positive, with people often taking a copy home to read more extensively.
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