Futureboy is a Facebook chatbot made by Josh Naus and is intended only as a fun project. The Chatbot is made using basic HTML, CSS and Javascript and was built at glitch.com, all which can be viewed at the following address:
Facebook requires you to have a Facebook account to interact with Futureboy, but the app itself only stores the data you give it. The only sensitive data it will request from you is the day and month you were born. This was purposely chosen as it is not considered private and can not be used to identify you easily. 
The conversations you have with Futureboy are only accessible to Josh Naus and will never be shared with any other individuals or companies without your permission. 
Any information that Facebook collects as part of its own processes fall under the Facebook privacy policy and not the privacy policy of the Futureboy app.
If you have any further questions regarding the security of your information, you can contact Josh Naus at joshn41@gmail.com

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