My role as designer at Greater Wellington Regional Council has given me the unique opportunity to design several buses for the Metlink bus network. Its always a fun job and any change in the standard bus design is well received by the public.
Pride Bus 2020
The Pride Bus was a great way to show the LGBTQIA+ community of Wellington that public transport is a safe space for them. The bus featured the rainbow flag colours in a looping bus network design, with the meanings of each of the colours printed on the side.
Onboard with Masks 2020
As part of the wider #OnboardWith Masks campaign Metlink was running, the Greater Wellington Creative Studio was asked to put together a design that would specifically target a younger audience. This design had to be produced extremely last minute, so a repeating pattern design was used to allow us to divide and conquer.
Children's Bus Design 2021
As part of Round the Bays 2021, Metlink ran a bus designing competition for children across the region. The Winners, Bill and Ellie, had their designs recreated as faithfully as possible using procreate and unveiled at an event celebrating their work.
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